April 30, 2020

Interesting Stuff: Horror Movies

By admin

So for some reason, I’ve always had an interest for horror movies. I know tons of people that think they’re cheesy and predictable, and to some extent I agree with them. But do you remember when you saw your first, good horror movie?

You probably left the theatre like “what the fuck did I just ingest for an hour and a half?” or maybe your first thought was “but what if…”.

But you never really forget that feeling

The earliest memory I recall of a movie making me feel this comes when I was 8 years old. I was only in first grade when I first saw The Grudge. My older cousins were watching it and thought it would be fun to have me sit with them and view it. Family, gotta love ’em right?

Anywho, if you don’t know I’ll give you the super short summary version of The Grudge. An American family plan to start a new life in Tokyo, but the house holds evil spirits that ultimately terrorize the family while taking a few lives in the process.

Nightmare Fuel 101

The American version of the film is based of the original Japanese film Ju-On. And looking back at it, it wasn’t the greatest horror film of all time and it was cliche with the whole “family in a big scary house” thing but I think it was successful and stood out amongst all those cheesy 2000s horror movies (if you didn’t know, the early 2000s was like remake central-few movies were totally 100% original)

If you’re into horror movies, then you’ll love Dead Meat. They are a duo of YouTubers who basically take any horror movie and tally up the number of deaths in what they call a “Kill Count”. In addition to this they also rate their most favorite kill and their least favorite. If you’re into horror movies like myself I would really give their channel a look.

Although I wasn’t able to find a Dead Meat video on The Grudge, I was able to find one for another horror favorite of mine: Scream (1999)

Thanks for reading guys! Peace outttttt c: